Personalised Custom Fidget Spinners

Unique personalised custom fidget spinners with a choice of bearings and frame colours. Add any wording making your fidget spinner really unique or the perfect gift! If you just need a customised frame we have loads to choose from. Pick your caps, spinner colour, bearings and add text to create the best custom fidget spinner. 


Fidget Spinner
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Tribar Fidget Spinner - Personalised

Here at Occasions Boxed, we have designed our very own unique range of finger spinners that we know ..


Fidget Spinner Frames 11 Colours

Fidget spinner frames available in 11 amazing colours and 3 designs each is laser cut from 5mm persp..


Fidget Spinner Replacement Caps

Replacement fidget spinner finger caps made from quality plastic available in either black or w..


Space Fidget Spinners 12 Designs

Our Space Edition custom fidget spinners are like nothing you have seen before, there totally unique..


Trispin Fidget Spinner - Personalised

Here at Occasions Boxed, we have designed our very own unique range of finger spinners that we know ..


Aztec Fidget Spinner

The Aztec has got to be one of the best looking fidget spinners ever, its cool design is based ..


Bat Fidget Spinner

A bat style fidget spinner with a name engraved around the outer bearings.This fidget spinner is mad..


Bio Hazard Fidget Spinner

The Bio Hazard fidget spinner is an awesome design based on the standard radioactive scientific warn..


Flower Fidget Spinner

The flower fidget spinner is small at only 4.9cm and is designed for a younger or first-time fidget ..


G Force Fidget Spinner

The G Force Fidget spinner, incredibly good looking, super sleek and a modern unique design. Whichev..


Mini Cog Fidget Spinner

The Mini Cog fidget spinners is a small but very fun toy that is perfect for younger kids or as a fi..


Ovalmax Fidget Spinner - Personalised

Here at Occasions Boxed, we have designed our very own unique range of finger spinners that we know ..


Penis Wobbler

Not like any other fidget spinner you normally see but in the shape of a penis it's great fun and ma..


Power Star Fidget Spinner

The power star fidget spinner is a unique and exciting design that has been designed for girls and b..


Power Twist

The Power Twist is a smooth and speedy fidget spinner that is 7.1cm wide and this is what makes to s..


Pretty Bow

A cute fidget spinner designed for girls in the shape of a bow. This spinner would also look great i..


Robo Drive Fidget Spinner

The Robo Drive is a cool futuristic design looking fidget spinner with personalised custom text area..


Spin Bar Fidget Spinner

The Spin Bar fidget spinner is small looks fantastic and fast. Personalised this awesome fidget spin..


The Hammers Fidget Spinner

The Hammers Fidget spinner is large and made for big hands. A great gift for fathers dad or may even..


The Matrics

A unique and cool fidget spinner with barred edges and 3 outer bearing for a speedy spin. It's diffe..


The Revolver

The Revolver fidget spinner is small, fast and unique. The outer bearings are set in a gun revolver ..


The Tomahawk

The Tomahawk is very unique and a great fidget spinner that everyone will love. Great for kids as yo..


The Winger Fidget Spinner

The Winger is a smooth fast spinning fidget spinner that every kid will love. The wing design i..


Tri Roller Fidget Spinner

The Tri Roller Fidget Spinner is a medium sized spinner with smooth edges and a sleek design. It's a..



A very challenging fidget spinner that takes a lot of concentration and skill, perfect for a focused..


Mothership Space Fidget Spinner Deluxe Edition

A Unique Mothership Space Sci-Fi Fidgit Spinner.This fidget spinner has been created for sci-fi fans..


Quad Drive Fidget Spinner Limited Edition

Quad Drive Fidget Spinner Limited EditionThis fidget spinner has been created for sci-fi fans or for..


Why Buy A Fidget Spinner?

Fidget spinners are brilliant, they keep kids "and sometimes us adults" entertained for hours, they're just so addictive. They are a fabulous tool for relieving stress, helping you concentrate and a perfect alternative to nail biting, snacking or even as a stop smoking aid, it's better to fidget than to smoke or eat right! Simply pick it up and start spinning away :) they really do help.

Custom Made Fidget Spinners

We offer custom made and personalised fidget spinners too so they make excellent gifts for many different occasions. You could add a personal birthday message, Create a custom fidget with a message as a reward for good behaviour or why not write a cheeky message on a spinner for you husband or friends! Customising your very own fidget spinner is only limited by your imagination.