Rude Pregnancy Gifts 

New babies are lovely but there is a grim side to their creation "for the mother at least" so why not make fun of it with a crude congratulations card or witty badge!


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Congratulations How's Your Fanny Doing?

The wording readsCongratulations, how's your fanny doing?PersonalisationWe can print a personal ..


Congratulations Not A Tight Fanny Anymore Is It?

The wording readsCongratulations note a tight fanny anymore, is it?PersonalisationWe can print a..


Congratulations Start Your Pelvic Floor Exercises Now

The wording readsCongratulationsStart your pelvic floor exercises now.Otherwise, your husband is not..


Congratulations You've Been Fertilised

The wording readsCongratulations you've been fertilisedPersonalisationWe can print a personal me..


I Love Giving Birth - 58mm Badge

I love giving birth badge! A great humour gift for a new mother.A unique designQuality professi..


Next Time Make Sure You Swallow

The wording readsNext time make sure you swallowPersonalisationWe can print a personal message i..


Saggy Fanny Congratulations & Good Luck

The wording readsSaggy fanny congratulations and good luckPersonalisationWe can print a personal..


The Wrong Hole - 58mm Badge

Who sucked the sperm up the wrong hole then? Rude adult badge.A unique designQuality professionally ..


Your Baby A Pain In The Belly, Fanny & Arse

The wording readsYour babyA pain in the bellyThenA pain in the fannyThenIt'll grow up and be a pain ..